Michelle Booker is the loving mother of 3 children, grandmother of 2 and the wife of Kevin Booker. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania she was educated in the public school system. Michelle was a stay at home wife and mother for 12 years. While at home she kept watch over other children who were of the same age as her children and taught them educational lessons to help assist in their preparation for elementary school. Once her children went to school she became totally engrossed in their school lives and became a full time volunteer at their school. After volunteering for a year as parent on the Parent Association she was voted in as the President of the Parent Association and served for 2 years. During her time at home she also stayed busy in her church working with children and youth in many different capacities.

Michelle grew up with a sense of not belonging and longed to fit in. As a young child she was picked on and knew personally the lifetime damage that can be caused by bullies. She encountered challenges with self-esteem as an adult, rooted from her upbringing, which focused on looks and features only. After learning that she was made perfectly and was created on purpose she wanted to share the felling of self-acceptance with other young women and girls.

Once she embraced her natural beauty and developed self-love she wanted to make sure other young women did not have the same struggles in their lives. She began to focus on cultivating self-awareness, self-love, and the acceptance of other young women. She has events to promote self-love and unity among young women such as her workshops entitled “I Am Your Sister, Not Your Competition” and "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made".

Michelle has dedicated her life to positively influencing youth and children, especially through education and involvement in their personal lives. She has a genuine love for children and their current and future success. Her love for encouraging children to learn as much as they can and go as far as they can, can be seen in her continued interaction with them even after they go off to college to further their education. She continues to be a mentor to young women as they move into adulthood and obtain careers and families of their own.

Booker has served as Assistant Director of Vacation Bible School, Youth Choir Director, Assistant Youth Director, and Dance Teacher. She has also Co-Produced a recording album and has sung with the Victorious Praise ensemble. She enjoys dancing with Heart Mind Body and Soul Dance Company, singing, writing poetry and spending quality time with her family and friends.

After starting her writing career as a Parental Advice Columnist for F.A.C.E. Philly Magazine, she decided she was ready to take her love of writing to the next level by writing her first book “Loving Me, Loving Me Naturally.”

Michelle Booker has become an inspiring author who encourages young African American girls to be successful and productive in life, all while loving the body in which they were created!


Edited by Jeanell Moultrie